What utilities are included in the rent?

We pay for the water, trash and sewage for a majority of our units.

Do you allow pets?

We do not allow Pets.

What if something happens in the apartment after business hours?

We have a 24-hour maintenance staff.

I have signed a lease but I am no longer planning to be enrolled at Ohio University. Am I allowed out of my lease?

You are allowed to get out of your lease ONLY by finding a sublettor to take over your lease that is compatible with your roommates. You must contact us before doing so.

I have moved into my apartment and I have no power.

First you need to check your breaker box to see if the breakers are off. If not, then you need to call AEP to make sure the electric was turned on.

Should I be concerned with big special holiday weekends such as Halloween and Palmer Fest?

We provide security for those major weekends for your protection although you are still responsible for your guests that come in and out of your apartment.

Emergency Numbers

The following is a list of emergency phone numbers to use after business hours. Please note that for emergencies and non-emergencies during business hours (Winter/Spring/Fall: 8am-4pm; Summer: 7am-3pm) call 740-592-1279.

For after business hour emergencies only call:

If these numbers are used after business hours and there is no emergency you will be charged $100.00 for a call-in charge.

The AEP phone number is 1-800-277-2177.

Examples of emergencies: water running from ceiling, electric out, no heat or fire (please also call 911).

Electric Bills

You must put the electric bill in your name. Please make arrangements for this bill to be sent to your home address for the summer, then to your apartment when you return from summer break. The breakers in the apartments will be shut off except for the refrigerator breaker. Please call American Electric Power at 1-800-277-2177 to sign up for electric.


You may purchase a parking pass. Parking will be rented on a first come basis. Parking passes are required at all times in lots or you will be towed.


Rent Payments by the SEMESTER

Semesterly rent bills are mailed to your home address as a convenience.  If you do not receive a bill, rent is still due on the due dates below

The preferred payment method is to pay rent on this website by clicking the payment tab at the top of the Home Screen.  You may pay by check ($5 fee) or credit card (approx 2.6% fee charged by credit card company).  Or you can pay in person or mail checks to our office.  Credit card payments taken at the office or over the phone will be charged a credit card fee of 3%.

RENT is to be paid  by SEMESTER by the following dates:

Summer Semester: May 11 or earlier
Fall Semester: September 15
Spring Semester: January 15

Our Office:

(740) 592-1279

23 North Court St.
Athens, Ohio 45701

Office Hours:



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